Puigdemont meets with 31 delegations of masons


President of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, was the guest of honor at the gala dinner of the Grand Lodge of Spain-Spanish Grande Oriente, held last Saturday in Barcelona, and maintained contacts with 31 foreign delegations with whom he discussed Questions the current political situation.
At a dinner that was not on the public agenda of the president, Puigdemont held a private meeting with representatives of 31 foreign delegations attended the event that took place at the annual meeting of the franc – Spanish masonry.

Government sources confirmed the meeting and simply said who helped the Catalan president will discuss with the political Freemasons today.
As stated in a Freemason statement, Puigdemont solidarity with those who now support prosecutions, sanctions, criminal convictions, exile or are executed for the defense of Freemasonry.
For his part, the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Spain, Oscar de Alfonso Ortega, expressed his “immense gratitude and affection for Catalonia, where we have always felt welcome and that we will have a permanent debt” .
Grand Master stressed that his Order, “especially in democracy” must have “institutional role always out of place” in the “legitimate political debate. ”
“Each Mason has formed opinions, but the Grand Lodge of Spain just look with deep respect at the functioning of our democratic institutions. We can only have the atmosphere of peace in the Great Lodge of Spain, a peace founded on simple ideals: the right to think freely and the duty to tolerate, understand and embrace fraternally those who think differently ” .
For its part, the Mayor of Isona i Conca Dellà (Lleida), Constantí Aranda, received the recognition of the Grand Lodge of Spain as “friendly city”, because it was the first city of the peninsula to adopt The institutional declaration of recognition of the reputation of Freemasonry.

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